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About us

PFA is an online printing portal. We establish contact between customers and printers who needs printing of any kind, from business cards to brochures and so on.
What are the benefits?

By using PFA, the customer will be sure to get the best price, no matter what product they are looking for.

PFA has many printers within the PFA network thats why we can be sure the customer gets the best prices. The purpose of PFA is to insure its users that they get the best offers and prices on any printing, all the time.

For the customer (Print buyer)

The procedure for customer is very simple. The customer select’s which product he or she whishes to get an offer on, and then uses a drop down menu on the webpage, to select most important details of the specific product, such as quantity, colors, size’s, etc. A text area for comments is also available in this part of the order process if necessary.

After the potential Customer has chosen a product he or she will first and foremost select a date for having received an offer – and another date for the latest delivery to a given address.

If the customer has not used the system before, he or she will then be sent to the registration page, and asked to type in the necessary information such as name, address, e-mail and phone number.

At this point the customer will also have to create a password, which is used along with the e-mail to login online. Under my pages the customer can see the process of his job, how much time is left for the printer to give prices. When the time has passed then the customer can finally can accept or refuse an offer.

For the Print company

When a customer puts an inquiry on PFA, the relevant printers will receive an auto sent email, giving a short description of the inquiry, including any comments left by the customer. If the printer whishes to see all information on the inquiry, it is possible to login to the system, and see the information. Then printers can give price.

List of print companies registered at PFA